About Environmental Technology Company

Environmental Technology Company (ETC), founded in 2008 Jan. and reorganization on 1989 April, ETC is leading the field in continuous environmental pollution analysis systems / Industrial Safety Gas Detection System / Filtration System / Energy Saving System. We provide certification ISO9001 & TAF to provide specialized and reliable services on installation, calibration and maintenance..etc.

The Headquarter is located in Kaoshiung, the branch offices distributed in Taipei, TaoYuan, Taichung, Mai-Liao, Jia-Yi, and overseas office in Shanghai & Vietnam.

We engaged in the manufacturing, developing, sales, installation and maintenance…in the field of Industrial Safety Gas Detection and continuous environmental pollution analysis systems for over 26 years, furthermore we have solutions in filtration system, energy saving system and more solution….in application of Steel Plant, Petrochemical, Power Plant, Semi-conductor, Electronic Industryl, Hi-Tech Industry..etc.

We are pleased to cooperated with local and overseas professional manufacturers to present the best quality products and services in the local and overseas market.